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“I entered the VXX trade on Weds at 2:42 p.m. 20 Bull Puts on VXX Feb Exp (Long 24 Strike/Short 28 Strike) for a credit of $3.10 each. The total Margin Requirement for this trade was $1800.

I closed out 10 of these today after the VXX spiked on the Greek issues. The 10 I closed out cost $1.59 each to close the position. I locked in $1,510 profit on that portion of the trade. This leaves us with a max risk of $900 on the rest of the trade. Counting the profit we just locked in we are guaranteed at least a $610 profit on the complete trade.

The trade still has the potential to get better so I am leaving 1/2 of it on. The time erosion over the weekend will help us and any increase in the VXX will also push the profit higher. This portion of the trade has the potential to net us another $3,100 if the VXX goes further up.”
-- Doug Robertson, Advanced Instructor, Top Gun Options

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Our expert traders have identified another potentially profitable trade - a bear call spread on SPY. We think the market is overbought and have a tactical trade that fits our strategic mindset.

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