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TGO Live Training

Top Gun Options Live Training – Proprietary, skill based training and practical application. Find out how iron condors, butterflies, and diagonals can increase your profits and overall portfolio! Take your training to the next level and learn more about straddles and strangles.
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TGO Workbooks

Top Gun Options Full Throttle Training Program is the FASTEST way to potentially experience huge profits with options. It’s an Intermediate- to Advanced-level trading program taught at an accelerated pace. *Beginners are welcome to join with the caveat that they attend the complimentary Primary Boot Camp, a full-day of beginner options training, archived under Training Full Throttle. To learn more, click here.

TGO Workbooks

To develop the kind of discipline, risk management and execution techniques you need to be successful in today’s markets, you need proper training. The experts
at Top Gun Options periodically provide live training sessions that include a library of training manuals to get you off the ground right away. Click here to get started now.

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You can’t win in combat if you sit in class all day talking about it or planning.You need to get airborne.With our Live Trading Briefs and Trade Alert services, the expert traders at Top Gun Options take the controls, show you exactly how to perform the maneuvers, and then give you the controls.Our skills based proprietary LTBs empower you to execute at a higher level.
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In trading, there are no points for second place. If you have been struggling or strive to become the best trader you can, get in touch with our ‘on wing’ counselors – real traders who know the ropes — l and tell them you would like to work one-on-one exclusively with our team.Stop wasting time and precious capital on what’s not working. It’s time to learn from a pro what is working.This service is by invitation only.Click here now to learn more. For Faster Service, email Annie Santos at [email protected]