I subscribed to the trial period of WO and UA/PTLB. Wow, this is fast paced and a challenge to keep up… BUT I’M MAKING MONEY for the first time trading options.

Whiz is just that, a whiz at the strategic, operational and tactical. I very much appreciate the periodic intel briefs for SA (situational awareness). And I get a kick out of the fighter pilot lingo… I’m retired USAF

Jay J.

Weatherford, TX

Sound strategy, superior tactics, and the discipline to follow them. That’s what I’ve learned in my short time trading options with Whiz.

Since coming on board the weekly options service five weeks ago, I’ve profited $7,555! Not looking back!

John H.

Pensacola, FL

I have been an active options trader since end of 2007…I have learned a ton since then but have really excelled in Whiz’s weekly briefings. For starters, his approach and methodology are very user friendly/sensible. He has reinvigorated the way I approach trades and helped my P&L. A very welcome breath of fresh air in one of the most puzzling markets of our time. Thanks Whiz!!!

Amanda H.

San Francisco, CA


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About Top Gun Options

At Top Gun Options we know combat and we know options trading.

Trading is conducted in a hostile environment on a dynamic battlefield populated with various players of assorted skill. The winners have superior training and cutting edge technology, coupled with discipline and risk management methodologies.

At Top Gun Options we’ve gone from the combat sorties on tip of the spear to the front lines on Wall Street. By employing the same tools and methodologies that enabled us to succeed in combat we’ve been able to win in trading.

Professional traders and Wall Street firms take no prisoners. They treat trading as a form of combat. They plan on winning and will do whatever it takes to make sure they win and you lose. Are you ready to even the odds?

In trading as in combat, there’s a winner and there’s a loser. At Top Gun Options we plan to be on the winning side as often as possible.

Top Gun Options

About Matthew "Whiz" Buckley

Matthew Buckley is the founder of Top Gun Options LLC and the Chief Development Officer at Black Bay Fund Management LP. Matt was formerly the Managing Director of Strategy for PEAK6 Investments, L.P., one of the largest volatility arbitrage options trading firms in the country. He was the CEO PEAK6 Media LLC, the parent company of ONN.TV (The Options News Network) and is also a nationally recognized speaker on business leadership, execution, and risk management with Afterburner, Inc.

Matthew Buckley is a veteran C level executive with extensive leadership experience from the front lines to the front office. A former decorated Navy fighter pilot, he graduated from the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOP GUN) and flew 44 combat missions over Iraq. While on active duty he taught himself how to trade options and has been successfully trading for over 15 years.

Matthew’s unique background makes him a successful options trader. He applies many fighter pilot methodologies and techniques to his trading such as developing a well defined strategy, supported by specific tactics and predetermined exit points. He always has a contingency plan and debriefs each trade to get lessons learned that he can apply to improve portfolio performance. He teaches traders of all experience levels how to sort through information overload (trading task saturation) to ensure that they have the highest probability of success before squeezing the trigger.

Mr. Buckley teaches the Primary options syllabus in addition to managing the Weekly Options, Primary Live Trade Brief, Urgent Alert, and Accelerated Retirement model portfolio. He writes for the financial sites Seeking Alpha and TheStreet.com.

Whiz is a published author and you can purchase a copy of his novel From Sea Level to C Level.

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