Top Gun Options market commentary

[SITREP Part 1] Market Wallows Waiting for Trump

Sell on the tax news? Unless he says something new...which is may take a break, government shutdown on the radar, nice gains out of our tech trades - AAPL/XLK, oil under 50 is not a good thing

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[SITREP] Fade the Rally or BUY?

Fading the rally with VXX bullish double vertical and new SPX 2400/2405 bear call spread, world situation is unchanged and still need details on YUGE tax reform and there's a potential government shutdown by Friday

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[SITREP] 50 DMA Resistance, AAPL Weekly Iron Condor

Market hanging under the 50 DMA, AAPL weekly options trade looking good as AAPL tends to sell off into the close on Fri, SPX weekly bear call spread (never got filled) also was a great trade for the week if closed yesterday, Philly Fed weak, good China GDP long FXI...

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Weekly Options

» GOOG iron condor $3,000 profit, 100% gain, 4 days
» SPX iron condor $1,950 profit, 100% gain, 5 days
» AAPL iron condor $1935 profit, 100% gain, 3 days
» AAPL bear call spread $1,100 loss, 50% loss, 3 days
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Primary Live Trade Brief

» AAPL bear call spread $6,475 profit, 125% gain, 22 days
» BBRY long call diagonal $8,000 profit, 345% gain, 45 days
» 2 trades on AIG, long call diagonals $12,000 profit, 59%, 61 days
» synthetic stock position EWJ $4,500 profit, 280% gain, 20 days
» VIX bearish double vertical $1950 profit, 120% gain, 6 days
» USO iron condor $1,250 loss, 100% loss, 22 days
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Urgent Alert

» XRT iron condor $4,300 profit, 100% gain 27 days
» USO bull put spread $1,960 profit, 100% gain, 22 days
» GS long call diagonal $500 loss, 12% loss, 32 days
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